12 Reasons You’re Not Writing Besides Writer’s Block

Since yesterday I was watching anime to relax. I know I can and I should write. Having all the time in the world, why I didn’t write?

The truth is I have written something hours before this blog post. I did the digital journaling with Diaro app on my tablet. I didn’t write yesterday, I read books from Austin Kleon entitled “Show Your Work” and “Steal Like An Artist” instead.

I want to honor myself by relaxing through reading and watching anime. I just want to enjoy myself. To come back to my senses in writing, I thought so.

“There’s no such thing as writer’s block. That was invented by people in California who couldn’t write.” ~ Terry Pratchett

Photo Credit: dave graham via 500px cc

Photo Credit: dave graham via 500px cc

Writer’s Block Is Overrated

So now I’m saying: “I’m in front of my laptop and I don’t know what to write”

My statement above is exactly what I’m feeling today. To write that you can’t write is I think a good way to start.

“Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all.” ~Charles Bukowski

If you don’t know what to write, then write: “I don’t know what to write.”

I think writer’s block was overrated. Every time we’re sitting for hours to write, when no words come out of us, we conclude — writer’s block.

Our brain is like a heart that never stops beating. Our minds are always pre-occupied. There is always something that you can write.

Maybe, it is shallow and stupid. The bottom line is that it’s still something that you can write about.

For now, I could think of twelve reasons for not writing. And that has nothing to do with writer’s block.

  1. You have to deal with life’s necessities first. Bills to pay and children to feed.
  2. You need more free time to write. Have time with God through prayers. Have time with people whom you love. To read books that inspire and instructs.
  3. You are defeated by peer pressures.
  4. You are numbed with fears and worries.
  5. You just don’t want to write. Plain stubborn. Or lazy.
  6. You’re disillusioned with perfection.
  7. You intentionally find reasons why others can and you can’t write. Or why she is better and you are worse.
  8. You failed miserably in your commitment to writing, doing it again is too painful.
  9. You’re so bothered about being original. Read the bible verse Ecclesiastes 1:9.
  10. You’re a freelance writer who writes about topics that you’re not really passionate about.
  11. You’re currently experiencing emotional hang-ups. Came from relationship issues. I think this is a different category to #2, #3 and #4.
  12. You’re neither #4 nor #5. Maybe, just maybe. Writing is not for you. Why not try painting or playing musical instruments?

So, What Is Writer’s Block?

Who am I to give meaning to such term that already a cliché for writers?

So, what is writer’s block?

This answer came from a wannabe who still struggling to convince himself that he is a writer. For me, it means your words are blocked. Ha-ha. What a profound definition.

Actually, you have words to write. The twelve reasons are belittling your ability to write. You have the power to create something from nothing in a paper (or on a computer). All you need is your imagination (or research).

Let Go of Ego

The freedom of knowing that writer’s block is just a myth can also give us great relief. We must take courage to be vulnerable enough and let go of our ego. This might be the secret reason #13: You can’t let go of your ego.

We must take pride from our work. But, don’t let pride take us off from doing the work.

You don’t have to publish your words always in a book or a blog. Maybe not for now.

Just. Write.

Some Additional Tips

I’m not a pro. But, at least I can preach what I’m practicing.

Here are some tips. Every time some idea suddenly comes to my mind I know I can use in my writing in the future, I type it on my mobile phone. When an idea pops out while I’m taking a bath or a jog, I find a way to type those ideas. Then I save them in Evernote, this is one of my most used apps. In that app, I bombard all those ideas and read them from time-to-time.

Another added tip, which is almost obvious, is to read books. Be an eternal student. We can be an anonymous student from authors. We can also steal their ideas that we can transform to make them our own. Give credits, though, so that other people can steal from your sources too.

Just enjoy the journey of frequent writing. Writer’s block is really writer’s alibi.

Do you believe me or not that writer’s block is a myth? Go shoot some comment. I want to learn from you.


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