This Is What Waiting to Work in Saudi Arabia for the First Time Means

So it’s true! Five is easier than two, huh?. I mean, five days rather than two days a week of writing is easier. The reason might be because of the cut from momentum. It was hard to write again after days of delays.

I always have a good night’s sleep, but not this past three days. I’m preoccupied of my upcoming flight this Sunday going to Saudi Arabia.

The urgency gave me a good reason to start typing now.

I love to think that I’m just going on vacation. I wish I’m just taking a holiday trip to enjoy the culture of the Arabs. But it’s not. I have to work there for a two-year contract.

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Photo Credit: Red Dough via 500px cc

 We Stumble a Lot for the First Time

When we saw a baby tried to walk for the first time and stumbled, we are happy that at least he tries. We forgive him for continually stumbling until he finally walks.

As we grow old, we forgot we are still on that stage. We stumble by trying. I’m no different in you who stumble a lot in life.

As I’m going outside the comfort zone of my beloved country, I can’t hide my fear of many unknowns. I would experience a lot of first, that means a lot stumbling. But unlike in toddlers, we cannot expect affirmation for committing screw-ups because of trying. I might be in a lot of trouble.

I would still love to write whenever I’ll be. I’ll be typing on the keyboard or writing in a tissue paper. But still, write.

Am I Ready?

I’m not sure if I’m ready to go to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I could read a lot of books and blogs of about what to expect, but nothing beats the real experience.

This might also challenge my Catholic faith. I’m going to an Islamic country. I’m not against any faith as long as it doesn’t include killing and exploiting people to gain divine providence.

I’m not sure if I am ready — mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. This is sure, the journey will make me ready if not now, at least in the future.

I did my part. I’ll just cross the bridge if I get there.

Good Cooking

Nothing much difference from good cooking. No one can be a self-proclaimed good cook. The tasters of your dishes can only say that you’re a good cook. A good cook also cooks. Wow! Great insight!

Specifically, a good cook always cooks.


So what is good writing? I will try to be one. Unfortunately, I could not claim that on my own. But, I could write without anyone’s permission. So I should always write. Synchronized with the everyday life’s beauties and questions, I write.

At the End of the Tunnel

I’ve been three months without work. This might continue if I was not accepted to work abroad. What a nice accomplishment! As the eldest in the family, I became extremely frustrated. What happens to the breadwinner of the family? I simply trust God. Focus on serving my family in a different way and not just financially. I also have more time to serve in my Catholic Community. I’m not seeing much (almost zero) of my friends because I got zero money. The truth, I doubt if anyone could understand my situation. Yep, I still got a lot of fears and insecurities. After all these years, I’m still broke!

I blame no one except myself. Actually, I loved what happened. I accidentally got into sabbatical and I learned a lot. Sometimes we learned more by just sitting and thinking out life rather than being busy.

I have almost no idea of what’s really waiting for me there. I’ll just know that at the end of the tunnel is a light.

No matter what, I’m faithful that with this upcoming new life lessons and adventures, is the light of the goodness of life.


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