Why Are We Still Surprised By Anticipated Events?

People come, people go. We knew it. That’s the obvious part of living. The saying “common sense is not a common practice” holds some truth, though.

Last Monday, another fellow came into our apartment. One more for the pack of Filipinos searching for greener pasture in the desert. Then just this morning, a guy visited us carrying this purpose—to bring someone to Jizan (another province in Saudi Arabia) to finally get his feet to work. It’s sudden and I learned that this is normal in Saudi Arabia.

This is sad because of just the night before, he, the one who have to leave, had a one-to-one conversation with me. He told me about his family, the death of his father and the anticipation for his homecoming this March of 2014. With his years of working experience here, he gave me a glimpse of what is like to be away from home for a long time.

Sometimes (or maybe most of the time), we experienced people come and go to our lives and we are surprised. Even though we know it will happen. Anticipation does not guarantee that we are ready.

We are all dying people. It’s just a matter or when will our last breath come? Are you ready? Me? Nope. I’m not ready enough.

We are again six crews aboard waiting for deployment. We are all anticipating that in just a matter of days, another someone has to bid a farewell.

Photo Credit: Makia Minich via 500px cc

Photo Credit: Makia Minich via 500px cc

Blogging Might Become More Challenging

I use wi-fi to publish on my blog, it just happens that I used a pocket wi-fi and its owner is from you-know-who. As far as I know from today’s modern technology, it’s not just possible (maybe for now) to get an internet connection from pocket wi-fi miles away from where I am.

I got limited money, now I also got limited internet connection. My old Samsung Galaxy Young mobile phone is my only ally to let you read what you’re reading now.

I could write still. My hands are not amputated.

Certainties and Uncertainties

We planned things out. We mapped where we want to be. Even if all things went accordingly, we somehow knew something is missing.

Certainties make us sane, but uncertainties what makes our lives more worthwhile to live.

Two days ago, I was thrilled to know that Jeff Goins, my not-so-secret writing mentor sent me an email. Actually, almost every day I received an email from him, this time it’s quite surprising. As of this writing, I don’t have any credit card or bank account (yes, I’m a part geek and part caveman), that’s why I planned in the in the near future to buy his ebook entitled “You Are A Writer.”

So what’s with the email? Jeff says that he will give away his ebook for taking his course (which is by the way, also free). Honestly, I have been in his two recent writing classes — one is a 30-day writing challenge “My 500 Words” and the other one is a 21-day course “Intentional Blogging.” I’m not sure which between the two earned me this valuable gem. I emailed him and his virtual assistant answered it was the latter. Both classes helped me to claim myself as a writer. I admit, I still feel the illegitimacy in this self-proclamation.

I think I’ll just write. Continuously.

Uncertainties have its own surprises. Challenges. Lessons.

So as certainties have its own mystery of the feeling of not-getting-what-we-want in spite of getting exactly what we expect. So as challenges. So as lessons.

Faith is the certainty amidst of our uncertainties. Doubt is the lack of trust of how uncertainties would bring more clarity. Both lives in our lives.

I think we just have to embrace them.


2 thoughts on “Why Are We Still Surprised By Anticipated Events?

  1. Mimic Nature

    very true, people do come and go in our lives, and we are either surprised by their departure, or we try to hold on to them when they really should have gone.
    Just keep writing and when you hit a spot where you can find WiFi, then publish one or two. Lack of internet will not keep a good writer down, as I know it won’t keep you down 🙂


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