What the Rooftop of Saudi Arabia Is Teaching Us About Life?

Our apartment is on the third floor, next is the rooftop where I’ m in right now. This is the best place that I can find for musings. With one Pakistani that is far for me to be bothered, I was at peace. At eleven in the morning, the wind is slightly felt, the birds are chirping and the sun’s heat was dominating. I think God is pampering me as I’m sitting on a sofa. Yep, a simple surprise, a sofa set plus a bed right here. Though worn-out, these are all great means of comfort.

I’m also hearing loud prayers. Literally loud prayers. We are surrounded by Mosques with high towers with megaphones. I don’t understand them but I can feel the solemnity and devotion of our Muslim brothers and sisters. This happens five times a day. So as I had observed, Muslims prayed in five different specific hours every single day. They have an incredible commitment to God.

Photo Credit: Neef Jing via 500px cc

Photo Credit: Neef Jing via 500px cc

View At The Top

I’m on top of a building fenced with walls taller than me. I can’t see much unless I step on top of the sofa bed where I’m sitting. These walls work as my shades.

Looking down while my feet are on the sofa bed, I see many cars parked in very long arrays. Lots of cars. But, I can barely see people. Quite awkward if you ask me. The majority of people here only comes out after their last prayer time, which is between five and six in the afternoon.

I’m now risking myself in a different place. Too different actually.

To just cross the bridge when I get there is easier to say. Once you’re there, the bridge is intimidating to just walk through. My faith helps me to believe that the other side is a worthy place.

Many bad things might happen, but if it happens, they all meant for good. Being on top literally, I got the opportunity to see things differently. I’m learning to respect people’s beliefs, cultures, and religions.

Here at the rooftop, I can’t see my surroundings unless I step-up higher than these walls. I got some new perspectives, but so many things that I’m still struggling to understand. I have to step-up as a person.

All of us has this metaphor about stepping-stones.

Just be in the joy of the journey. The learning.

Be patient.

This is just a short essay. Hoping that I could mush-up more courage and humility so I could find more inspiration to write. ‘Til my next post. 🙂


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