Why It’s So Hard to Write When It Should Be Easy (And Vice-versa)?

It is already cold outside at past ten in the evening. Musing at the rooftop is not that effective anymore. In just a span of a week, the temperature suddenly drops from scorching desert to almost winter cold.

I also found out that the mobile phone that I’m using for years has wi-fi hotspot. That was just six days ago. Maybe I’m noticing it but ignorant of its uses. Now, my tablet can get an internet connection from my mobile phone’s wi-fi source.

This is enough breakthrough for me. It’s no joke to publish a blog using my mobile phone. Even though I have small fingers, still it’s challenging.

Photo Credit: Kevin Martin via 500px cc

Photo Credit: Kevin Martin via 500px cc

A Month In Utopia

On the fourteenth of November, we are celebrating our first month here in Saudi Arabia. A month of being an international bum. A month full of discomforting comforts.

We are living in Utopia, a perfect world. We never got hungry. We are enjoying each others company. We are well-accommodated.

We don’t have to work. Well, not until we got our residence ID, here in Saudi Arabia it’s called Iqama.

And even if we don’t have work yet, we are able to get cash advances to buy our basic needs. Sometimes, not basic needs. In short, we are in no-work-with-pay status.

The cost of living is low. No taxes. What a place to live.

When I said “We,” I mean me and my other five fellow Filipinos living here in the same apartment.

I admit I’m still not one hundred percent sure of our future in this Arabian land. I think not even fifty percent. I’m just faithful that we are in the right place.

Easy Life Stopped Me From Writing

Pakistani. Sudanese. Nepalese. Egyptian. Arabian. Fellow Filipino.

I saw them all here in this unique city of Al Khobar.

People live simply. Most of them are courteous. Literally, meeting people with different sizes and colors fascinates me. I’m now more aware of how good people could come from different places.

Islam faith is hard not to notice. Traditional Islamic attires were worn. The siren for daily prayer times was loud.

I respect their beliefs. I’m so happy to know that Muslims here do the same respect to Filipino Christians.

We are living an easy life.

In that case, I have more time to write. I could write more but sadly I don’t.

Do Many Things But Writing

Today, I admit I intentionally become snobbish. From the past few days, we go outside to buy something, eat something and sometimes just walk to breathe some getting cold air.

I joke around to get to know and enjoy my comrades. Laugh to enjoy their presence. Read blogs to resist my egoism of reading only my own. Read, liked and commented on Facebook posts to stay connected with my friends and family mostly in the Philippines.

I think these are all good reasons to keep my sanity. But, where’s the writer within me?

So from morning ’til evening, I fairly forced myself to write. I said fairly because I still not able to completely beat my distractions. So that’s why it took me a whole day to finish this blog post.

The Irony of What’s Hard and What’s Easy

The lack of pressures and deadline are some of the ingredients in this irony.

After I learned how to have internet connection in my tablet, blogging became easier. So as Facebooking. So as reading other blogs.

Before, I could still publish a blog by borrowing other people’s tablet. I’ll just blog because I know I’m using other people’s property and I have to be considerate.

I think the lesson here is to be aware. To put our priorities. To block the hour of the day in writing. To be courageous to tell to people who matter to you what you’re up to. If you could notice, I’m actually telling those lessons to myself.

Of course, not everything works for everyone. Yep, this is still my story. But, I hope this blog post helped you somehow.

If not, just tell me why so I might get better next time.


2 thoughts on “Why It’s So Hard to Write When It Should Be Easy (And Vice-versa)?

  1. Mimic Nature

    I’m finding that distractions are numerous as well, add in kids and all the duties that come from having a home and it amazes me that I get any writing done some days. Another thing when it comes to distractions is that I want to be fully engaged with whatever I am doing, like right now I want to read every word you wrote and stop skimming over them as fast as possible so I can get on with the next thing I want/need to do. Distractions can cause many problems in many different areas of our lives.

  2. mikeldumlao Post author

    You’re right! Distractions do gave us problems, but sometimes the problem is more on how we deal with them. And I have a long to go. Thank you for always dropping-by to share your thoughts to me. 🙂


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