Why Taking Selfies Is Good For You?

Here’s a profound topic that will change the world for the better. Yes, I still had delusions. I think the first person who took a picture of himself was so bored with his friends and neighbors. People are so pleased with themselves nowadays. Self-taken pictures were uploaded to social media for others to see. For the sake of “Facebook Likes and Comments” many people became obsessed with themselves.

Why would someone want himself so much? Are they narcissist?

Don’t Judge The Facebook By It’s Cover Photo

If you are fond of selfies, this blog post’ first few sentences might disappoint you. You might automatically think of two hundred reasons of why I was so wrong. Or maybe you would just ignore my next sentences and conclude that you’re just wasting your time.

I believe that too much focusing on ourselves will make us egocentric. In every situation, we might always ask, “What’s in it for me?” We tend to think so much of our needs that we forgot we are not the center of the universe. Though we are all naturally self-centered, it doesn’t mean that this should be our identity.

This is a sad story. When I was still in my country, the Philippines, I watched news from our family television. Someone died, he fell from the third (as I can remember) floor of a building because of taking selfies. I never thought that selfies could be as deadly as that.

But, with regards to selfie-lovers, we can’t just simply judge them negatively. Normally Facebook profile pictures were from the account owner. Well, on your ID is your face, so that’s the same thing with FB. How about the cover page? Does this space should also be occupied with the owner’s face? If yes, is this too much self-promotion?

I guessed not really.

Don’t Take Yourself Seriously, No One Will

Last Sunday, I took the most selfies that I did in my entire life and then posted it on my Facebook account. At first, though it is now common, I felt like I’m a vain person. For me, it is already awkward to take a picture of myself. For selfienatics, I might sound self-righteous, but that’s part of being me. I’m just not comfortable. I think it’s my past, I lived more than half of life living in self-pity. Deep within me is a lie that I’m not worthy enough and deserve to be taken for granted even by myself. That’s why until now, taking pictures of myself gave me some feelings of uneasiness.

Of course, I did selfies rarely in the past out of curiosity and fitting-in. But. But. But. I realized that I don’t need to take myself too seriously. I just want to enjoy myself, not for narcissistic intentions, but for self-love. Narcissism and self-love were two different things (I learned this from Catholic lay preacher Bro. Bo Sanchez). Narcissism is only about loving yourself, but self-love is what Jesus commanded his disciple to “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

I was convinced in time that the extent of the love that we can give to others could be only up to the amount of love that we give to ourselves.

I also want my love ones to see my Facebook pictures of myself. For them to know that I’m happy here in Saudi Arabia. For them to realize that I’m well-adjusted and emotionally capable of enjoying myself in a simple way.

There’s nothing wrong to make fun of yourself once in a while. Or even often. Who said that we must take ourselves seriously? Most likely none. Most likely just ourselves. When you enjoy yourself, others also enjoy your presence. Positive aura is contagious.

Yes, be serious in your work. In your relationships. In handling personal life issues. But not too serious that we neglect to enjoy ourselves.

Just for a great summary, remember the commandment of Jesus, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself’.” You don’t need to be a Christian to benefit from His (yep, capital “H”, you might notice I’m a Christian) words. Even an atheist can hold on to these words.

Be A Selfie Writer

I think there’s another doubt for writers, especially for non-fiction types — to be labeled as narcissistic. Sometimes, it is by others, but I believed most of the time the labels comes from the writer himself. At least in my experience.

I read somewhere in cyberspace that writing about yourself too much won’t attract many readers. I think it’s true and it’s for people who want to earn from blogging or create big influence. I do want to earn from blogging someday. To create big influence? Hmm, I can’t even imagine, maybe I need more maturity. For now, I just enjoy taking pictures of myself in a visual and a lexical (I felt like a rich man with that “L” word) way.

So take some selfies. More, if it brings joy to you. Even more, if it brings joy to others.

The intention is what’s important. I think consistencies can tell the motive of a person. A person who truly enjoys himself will continue to post pictures of himself either he got zero or a million Facebook “Likes.” In a deeper view, a person will continue to serve either he got zero or plenty of recognition. Loving yourself is a way to serve more genuinely.

Just don’t forget the commandment of Jesus. Your intention will make or break you.

Andy Traub said in his book “Early To Rise” that “No one has completely pure motives, but there are plenty of good things to be done with mostly pure motives.” It’s just human to have some fault with our motivations. Be intentional though in being pure as possible as you can.

Now, I’m slowly learning to enjoy myself (you should too) so that others may enjoy me. I had a long way to go. I know this is not a quick fix.

Just love yourself as your way of loving others.


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