When Is Enough Enough? (And A Goodbye For Now)

We all have lots of firsts in life. Flying to work abroad is a sure way to get a bunch of those. I got a tough week which is a good thing. The physical and emotional struggle makes me stronger. I confessed, though, that many times I come to think to regret all of my (with the great help of my mother and grandmother, another story) efforts just to be where I am now.

I might be quite expressive in writing. But, in real life, I’m just barely starting to learn to express myself without any means of internet connection. To be more intimate with people through personal conversation.

Here in Saudi Arabia, I considered everyone as strangers, even my fellow Filipinos. With the exception of one long-time friend and my Filipino colleagues whom I met first in the NAIA (an airport in the Philippines), I met every single person here for the first time. My bosses. My workmates. Everyone.

Worth All the Wait

Yesterday was our (me and my Filipino colleagues) third month in this great Arab country. For more than two months, some of us go to work in other places. People come and go in our lives, that’s life. We live in Khobar as our waiting area. I’m just thankful that I’m doing this blog post now in Jubail. That means I was finally deployed for work. At last, I got my company ID for me to finally work legally. I bid goodbye to five of my remaining friends and hope the best for them. Prayers are the least I can give to them.

I now lived in a camp in trailers. I’m now with one fellow Filipino. This is another life transition for me.

For the past three months, I was so fortunate. I believe God gave me more than enough amount of free time to reflect more about why I’m here and how should I prepare myself in the coming days.

I learned to trust. In God. In other people. In myself. In God, because most of the time we can only realize that He is all we need when He is all we got. In other people, though everyone was strangers to me, I have to set aside my pride and take risks to learn from others. In myself, of course, everyone may believe in my potentials, but none of that matter unless I claim that I’m worthy of doing things larger than myself.

This may be an annoying cliche to you. I tell it to you anyway: best things come to those who wait. I would suggest that though some things were worth waiting for, we must also remember the dangers of passivity. There were times that we see ourselves as someone who is patiently waiting when the truth is we just afraid to act right away.

Let us make waiting as a tool to increase our faith and patience. I procrastinated writing a blog post quite a long time. Maybe, I have enough reasons (but we always have that) with my seasons of life that I’m in.

With all of my shortcomings and victories, I believe the waiting shaped me to be a better person.

The Ice Bucket Challenge

Either I like it or not, I’m on my own. My clothes won’t clean automatically. When I’m sick, no one would pamper me. No one would remind me where did I place my socks.

When I came here at Jubail, my greatest enemy is the temperature. Especially in the morning when I have to take a bath. I thought the shower has no heater because the first minute of my bath is like taking the ice bucket challenge. Take note that we use public toilets, so I have to brave the eight-degree centigrade breeze for a body wash.

Today is Friday and my rest day. Tomorrow is another day of work. What I’m really anxious about is not the work, but my daily ice bucket challenge. Grrr… Just thinking of it gives me shivers.

I’m just thankful to God that this morning my father Skyped me. Then I watched with teary eyes the first Holy Mass of Pope Francis in the Philippines. I know some non-Catholics can’t identify themselves our eagerness for the Catholic leader. I can relate to that, living in a Muslim country, there were some of their culture that I didn’t fully understand as well.

What Is Enough?

I’m now working as a Quality Control Inspector in a petrochemical company. I have to admit I have no idea about the company and the job. I just did a lot of self-studies. It’s been a miracle that I passed the interview without any significant job experience.

But, I’m not completely accepted. I was given a fifteen-day conditional status. For that specific period of time, I must prove myself that I’m a worthy employee. For me, I had done enough.

So what is enough?

We don’t call “enough” an amount. We only call “enough” your best. If you’re capable of making half a million dollars a year, and you make $50,000 a year, we call you a loser. Now, it isn’t the difference between $50,000 and half a million that’s important. What is important is the full extent of your reach. That’s what’s important. The only way to feel maximum good about yourself is to extend yourself to the full capacity of your reach — your intellectual reach and your physical reach and your potentials and possibilities — to do the best you can. ~Jim Rohn

That was my favorite definition. “Enough is enough.” How many times did you tell that to yourself?

This word is powerful. It tells us that we are worthy. That whatever the result is acceptable knowing that we did our best.

I believe I did my best with this blog. For now, I just need to take some sabbatical to make myself a better person. To give myself more awareness on how should I prioritize my life. I should also learn to be kinder to myself.

I need time to focus on my work. Buying myself a laptop and faster internet connection.

This is not a failure. This is just done enough. This is not alibi or protection from my fragile ego. Anyway, I sincerely apologized. At least I can say to myself that I bid a good farewell.

So, When Is Enough Enough?

If you are at your worst, I hope it is now.

If you are at your best, I hope you won’t say that again.

I hope the best in your life.

Thank You for Your Time

I know you read a lot of other blogs, but you read mine instead. Thank you.

And not just reading, you could do many other things actually. So again, thank you.

Our best is good enough. You are worthy enough. Goodbye for now, my friend, ’till we connect again in months.

Be blessed.  🙂


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