I’m Not Special, Why You Still Need To Read My Stories?

Looking back, telling my life stories with anyone is already daunting to me. First, I’m too shy. Second, I don’t believe I’m an interesting person.

I’m one of those who is always in pretension of texting someone on the phone to survive the crowd. Somehow, I understand people who hesitate to talk to anyone. Much more share their most hidden broken stories.

Today, I’m still struggling. My biggest proof? I never say to anyone I have a blog to share my life on the World Wide Web.

I’m quite a hypocrite. I put in my About Page  I created this blog so my friends and relatives could get in-touch with me. Yet, even my roommates have no idea.

In my head, I can hear a voice saying “Duh? Keep-in-touch? Hello? Do you know the meaning of social media? Why not go online and type ‘Hello’?” I did. Once in a while.


Photo Credit: Raul Castro via 500px cc

Thank God I Am (You Are) Not Special

Same with my first Christmas experience in this country, I can only speak on my own accounts. How I see the world in my own perceptions.

As harsh as it sounds, you’re not special. So am I. No matter how out-of-this-world you think you are, you’re not unique.

There have never been and never will be someone exactly like you. But, don’t be naive to think you are born with the special gift. And the only chosen one is you. You are not.

Everything you think no matter how nice or naughty — someone, somewhere already thought that. Every experience you’ve been, someone already did. Only with different people and places. Still, the same experience.

This is a good thing. Meaning, someone out there can relate to your story. Someone needs the encouragement of your bravery. Someone can tell you the two inspiring words “me too.”

Your courage of expression will help other people to find theirs. Reading other people’s blogs helped me gain enough inspiration. The truth is, I’ve always consumed without contributing. I’m fighting the urges of hoarding without sharing.

When you wake-up tomorrow morning, you pray “Thank You Lord, I am not special.” Not so encouraging huh? It might make you go back to bed. Don’t.

If you’re still with me, read on.

Why Someone Need To Read My Stories

I heard some people say they don’t like to read. They’re either lying or in denial. Or the least, illiterate. With Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, how can they say that? Some people, including me, spend hours scrolling and reading other people’s lives.

Most of the thing we consume in social media sites (let’s say Facebook) is not the big picture of what really happening to people.

Okay, you might not need or even bother to read my stories. This I’m sure, you need someone else’s. Your friends’. Your parents’. Your siblings’. Your boss’. Or from everyday strangers. You don’t even need to read a blog. A simple conversation will do. Now, with the online connection, the possibilities are almost endless.

This is also I’m sure, someone needs yours.

Stand up and show yourself to the world. You are amazing. You are a child of God. The reason you are still breathing means you still have a purpose to serve. Someone needs you.

Many need your stories. Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t. Someone in somewhere does.

Same Song, Different Voices

Have you wondered why you prefer a specific song from a specific singer? Some even prefer the cover version than the original.

It is their unique voice.

I’m just one in a million Overseas Filipino Workers in Saudi Arabia. My story is more likely not surprising. But, the way I write (my writing voice) make a difference.

I’m still searching and honing my voice.

So don’t be afraid to sing the same old song. Your voice is what the right people needed to hear. Hone your voice.

I Care To Share, Ok I Need Someone’s Attention

You also have a message to share. Stories which are gifts to the world. Same with other ways of giving, there is payback waiting. Either we expect it or not.

I have not yet announced this blog to anyone. I also write just for the love of it. But, I’m lying if I say it doesn’t matter to me if no one reads my essays. If it is, then I should just make a private blog.

Before, I believe taking a photograph of yourself (a.k.a selfies) doesn’t make sense. Until, I came here in Saudi Arabia. Away from my loved ones, I’m sad a lot of times. In my first months here, I took a lot of selfies. I post them on my Facebook account and check for any responses. The “Likes” and “Comments” ease my sadness.

I have human basic needs for attention. The feeling of belonging is part of my survival. Even for seemingly superficial reasons. I argue it is unhealthy to obsess with oneself.

I’m always reminding myself the words of Jesus: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Writing your own stories so people can read them is the same as taking selfies for others to see. My purpose for taking selfies is for my family and friends know I’m fine. That I can manage to cope-up. That I’m enjoying myself despite the loneliness.

Use Words With Cautions

“With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.” –James 3:9-10

I’m not a talkative person. Still, when I open my mouth, there are times I regret the words I said. Gossiping. Backstabbing. Bad mouthing. I work with people, the exposure seems unthinkable not to enjoy using evil hurting words.

Words are powerful. It can either bless or curse someone. Every day is a struggle to choose the first than the latter. This blog is my selfish, but noble means to practice the use of words as a blessing.

Now, care to share. Acknowledge your human needs for attention. Expect criticisms. It will come. Be the one who used his words wisely.

The right people (no matter how plenty or few) will thank you for that. 🙂


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