13 Reasons Why Working In Saudi Arabia Is Not For You

I know from the people I spoke here. Both Filipino and non-Filipinos. Working here is same as signing up for military school. Okay, I might be exaggerating. This I’m sure, though, toughness is a must.

I dedicate this list to Filipino men. Especially those I encountered in the construction sites. They’re the real tough guys.

Today I just want to make this post a little bit shorter than my previous ones. This time I go straight to the point.


Photo Credit: Muneeb Mohammed via 500px cc

Working in the kingdom is not for you if…

1. You lack discipline and patience.

2. You’re always depending on other people.

3. You expect training from employers.

4. You hate self-studying.

5. You are not willing to communicate with other nationalities. Believe me, everyone has their own unique accents and English versions.

6. You can’t live without a movie theater. There’s not even one here.

7. You can’t live without the weekend night out drinking parties. It doesn’t exist here. No alcoholic drinks allowed. I heard some people do home-made alcoholic drinks. It’s illegal and risky.


Photo Credit: Aleksey Voltov via 500px cc

8. You can’t imagine life without dating and holding the hand of your girlfriend in public. Unless she’s your ex (a.k.a. wife).

9. You think having only one rest day a week is unfair. Besides the fact that it’s on Friday.

10. Prior to #8, you can’t handle the fact that you can’t anymore attend Sunday Catholic Mass. Or Sunday Christian service.

11.  You are not adaptable to different weather conditions. In my place, it’s hot the whole year round. In some places, it’s either too hot or too cold. Plenty of sand storms as well.

12.  You think there’s another way to earn more in the Philippines. I salute you for that. I hope I can learn from you.

13.  You think there’s a better life in other middle eastern countries. Or any other countries in general.

These are only some that you can expect. Surely there are more to add. If you are or someone dearest to you is working here, I urge you to add more in the comment box below.

Filipinos are resourceful. Many find ways around these challenges.

I have already finished my two-year contract. As a first-time job seeker abroad, I got a lot more to learn.

I’m not discouraging you. If you’re already here working, you might nod your head. Or not agree with my list. I’m interested in what you have to say.

If you’re thinking to work here. Perhaps, I helped you in your decision-making.

I hope you enjoy your day. God bless everyone. 🙂


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