How Listening To Podcast Makes Me Fall In Love With My Laundry?

“It is in the ordinary events of every day that we develop the proactive capacity to handle the extraordinary pressures of life” ~From Stephen Covey’s book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”

Laundry + Podcast = Life Changing Education, huh?

Oops, I can’t help myself to put equation for this blog post. I’m an engineer after all. An odd kind of engineer.


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Podcast and Laundry

Seven years ago, I attended my first “Internet Marketing Workshop”. Since then, Jomar Hilario became my mentor. One of the lessons from the workshop that was still on me is listening to audio teachings.

Nowadays, podcasts are popular. I’m hooked as well. Podcast changed my life. I know it will change yours as well.

My progress is slow due to incredible inconsistencies. For seven years studying how the internet works to earn money, I still nothing much to show how I earn online. If I hadn’t discovered podcast channels, I’m 100% sure you’re not reading this blog now. Who will teach me marketing and writing? Where can I hear the right words of encouragement when I’m overwhelmed and afraid?

My community, parents, and friends could be reliable. But, even the well-intentioned and sincere people as human as they are — have limited knowledge and time.

So I wash my laundry instead, huh? Yep. I do it while listening to a podcast. 🙂

The following are the podcast that I’m currently listening to my Sticher app:

1.  Seth Godin’s Startup School. Seth is the hero for many digital marketers and entrepreneurs. He is my hero as well. I read a lot of his books. I admit his concept is hard for me to grasp. The truth is, it takes courage and grit. But, once I got it I though I pick a valuable jewel of his insights.

He’s saying our current school system makes us compliant cogs. We live in a delusion of company’s taking care of their employees for life. I don’t know if there’s such thing anymore.

He dared us to stand-up and makes an art. Something that can make a difference in the world (read: your world). Told you, it takes courage and grit. :)I’m still in the process. I make baby steps with this blog.

I’m still in the process. I make baby steps with this blog.

This podcast contains excerpts from his 3-day live event he hosted in 2012. Let us feed on his insights, one bite at a time.

2. The Charged Life. Brendon Burchard hosted this podcast. He is one of the most respected guys in the industry of personal development. His pieces of advice are practical and doable. Many times I felt lost and discouraged, I just listen to one of his talks and I already felt good about myself.

You can learn about emotional and physical health. Fighting distractions. Handling money. Making a difference in the world. Love and generosity to yourself. And much more.

He helped me (and continuously) change the way I think of myself and the world.

3. The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins. I can’t remember since when did I first hear his first podcast episode. I just learn Jeff Goins when I saw him in my Facebook account. Seeing from Facebook ads, I was drawn to his Facebook Page automatically.

He taught how to take writing as an art. To write (at least at first) just for the love of writing. I read a lot of his free ebooks and blog posts. Now, I’m drawn to his podcast as well.

Co-hosted with Andy Traub, many times they interviewed other well-known people in their fields. Writers. Journalist. Speakers. Marketers. Theater actors. Comedians. Entrepreneurs. And all in between and combinations of them.

He is a great non-fiction writer with great skills in marketing. Last time I heard his writing his first ever fiction novel.

4. This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt. This is another guy that I already followed even before he did his first podcast. I listened to his podcast a lot of times to learn how to deal with different working situations. Even in this country with different culture, Michael’s insights is applicable in Saudi Arabia.

You can also learn about managing your clients for businessmen. Leadership. Productivity. Even blogging.

He got her bubbly co-host Michelle Cushatt  (sometimes Stu McLaren, also fun to listen to).  I can assure you every episode is worth listening to.

5. Problogger Podcast. This is a must for bloggers. Especially for those who want to make money out of blogging. Darren Rowse is a well-established guy in the blogging niche. His articles, books, and ebooks are exhaustively overwhelming.

He also interviews a lot of writers. Most of his advice are practical to use. I listened to few of his podcast episode. I know I should listen more. If you’re a blogger, this is a no-brainer, check out this podcast.

6. The Taylor Marshall Show. One of the reasons I write is to worship God with my writing. To use this gift for His greater glory. I’m a Catholic Christian. With the asking of the intercession of The Virgin Mary and the Saints, I got enough grace to continue my journey in life.

Taylor Marshall probably has the best Catholic podcast on the internet today. He is able to share his deep knowledge in Theology in a way that an ordinary Joe like you and me can understand. He just not teaches theology, but explain it in such a way that we can use it for our everyday lives. He also writes fiction books based on the saints and legends of old times.

From time-to-time, he conducts webinars about Catholic Theology and even has a paid online course about it. Before I can’t figure out why I should learn this super-deep theology, I’m not a priest. Until I heard in his one of his webinars we should learn theology not only we can defend our faith, but to love God more. His analogy is you can love a person better if you know him or her more.

I get it if you’ll raise your eyebrows. I have doubts with Catholic faith which are normal. Many of the teachings of the church are not chewable to take. But, this is my worldview, I am nothing without Jesus, the master of the universe. He built the one and only true church, hence, the Catholic Church.

But, if you’re a believer or curious about Catholic theology. Or if you want to love God more. Know Him more. By all means, listen to Taylor’s podcast.

7. Jocko Podcast. Taylor Marshall recommends this podcast. So I got curious and started listening. Jocko Willink is a retired United States Navy SEAL Officer. Together with his co-host, Eco Charles, they talk about manhood and life in general.

Leadership. Military tactics. Martial Arts. Bravery. Other tough things.

As I’m not surprised, there are some tough words. You can really learn wisdom from someone who deals with life in many military life-and-death operations. He also advocates people to learn martial arts. If I listen more to him, I might give a shot Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Why not? Maybe I’ll discover I’m not a physically challenged guy. As of now, I jog five nights a day. 🙂

Warning, though. Even the podcast episodes are tough. I mean some episodes took more than an hour, some even two. I suggest you not listen to the whole podcast episode. In the description part, you’ll see the topic, and time within the podcast when they discussed the said topics. Just take what you can digest. I can’t blame you, Jocko and Eco are two tough guys rich in practical wisdom and drive.

The format is simple, people will ask questions, they’ll read the questions, then they’ll answer them. Listen to the podcast, it won’t harm you. Promise. 🙂

Proudly Pinoy Podcast

I’m very picky when it comes to listening to a podcast. I want to make sure after I finished my laundry, I learned a lesson or two.

So here are two of the Filipino-made podcast I’m fond of listening to.

1. The Write Conversations. As of this writing, Sha Nacino is in her fifth podcast episode.

As I’m also following her and even met her in person once in one of Jomar Hilario’s workshop.

I’m awed at how she upgraded herself. From her first book, she writes more. She even creates an online course about how to write a book in 90 days. She is a public speaker and a financial literacy advocate.

I know in her future episodes she will give more value to the listeners. She is really someone we can look up to as a writer and as an inspiring person in general.

2. The Joy and Ann Show. Last, but not the least are from two of the most jovial and exciting Filipino freelancers I can think of. These ladies talk as if their just eating pizza in the living room. Not formal, but informative.

I can’t recommend enough this podcast for Filipino freelancers. Even for those like me who’s planning to be one. They talk in Filipino and English languages. It is clear enough they dedicate this podcast to their fellow Pinoys (slang for Filipino).

I can see (or I mean hear) they just want other people to experience the benefits of working from the comforts of their homes.

They’re also students of Jomar Hilario. It hurts, though, (perhaps envious) that they’re reaping their harvest following our mentor. Of course, I’m happy for their success and I will continue listening to these gals. This time not just to be inspired, but to really do my best to get a freelancing online job.

Listen To Podcast and Brainwashed Yourself


Photo Credit: Adam Dooley via 500px cc

“Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you’ll make a living, if you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune.” ~Jim Rohn

I can say I’m the typical hard worker. I’m already employed for more than eight years now. I’m listening to audio teachings for seven years now. I can’t remember when did I start listening to a podcast.

If you might notice, I don’t have any external achievements to show off to the world. It’s all my fault. For years I’m playing around with the lessons I learned in audio format.

I’m in this cycle: First, I got inspired to take action. Second, reality feels overwhelming. Third, I stop. Fourth, repeat.

I’m writing not as an accomplished person with authority. Not either as a complete failure. I’m just sharing my journey and telling you “you’re not alone.”

Our traditional schools with sincere teachers brainwashed us. We believed we should not rock the boat. Study well. Got a good job in a good company, hopefully, until we die. Make your parents proud.

I’m not against making your parents proud. It is they’re probably brainwashed too. We know there’s something broken, we can’t just pin it down. Working hard for my job is not a good strategy. Better I work hard for myself. So as you.

No More Excuse For Learning Something New

Today, billions have an internet connection and a computer (even a good smartphone). If you’re one of them, then you have no right for any excuses for learning something new.

I fall in love, not with laundry per se. I expect this boring routine as another opportunity to learn something new. Of course, it is not just in the laundry.

If you have the attitude and the compelling reason, brainwashed yourself. Listen to a podcast. One of the best investment for yourself to make.


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