Pain Helps Me to Write More While in Saudi Arabia

I spent 26  months of my life in Saudi Arabia. Two days ago, I finally set my feet on the ground of my homeland — the Philippines.

I don’t know how to tell you enough all my experiences in Saudi Arabia. My life journey in the middle of the desert pushed myself to the limits. The physical and emotional struggles are painful to bear.

Too painful I had to hold on to my faith. Which is good by the way.


Photo Credit: ml81 Photography via 500px cc


I’m Conquered With Comfort

I was away with my family for a long time. Can you imagine how happy I was when I finally see them? Not to mention Christmas day is coming in a few days.

We eat together. Talk and laugh in close contact with each other. Pray together.

We also watched cinema together. There is no single cinema theater in Saudi Arabia. Watching movies with my family is already an immense blessing for me.

The only catch is I forgot to write on my blog. So just to complete my commitment for weekly blog posting, I wrote this blog post. This is short but I’m still hoping it is worth your time reading.


Photo Credit: Claudio Cortes via 500px cc

Advantages of Writing in Saudia Arabia

Masochists are the people who take pleasure from pain. But, even the likes of them are right when they say people needs pain. Yes, we do. Not for pleasure, but as a necessity.

Working abroad is a painful experience. So as for writing. The amazing thing though is doing them both makes life less painful.

Writing helps me survive the loneliness of an isolated life in a populated working place. I work so hard I almost didn’t recognize the day had passed. Until I get sick of this routine. I abandoned writing for more than a year, then I continue.

There, I don’t have those beautiful distractions of my family and friends. I can write at my own will in laser-focus disciplines. I just need to fight out my urge to always check my Facebook account. I got a lot of issues in my creativity in finding new ways of distracting myself.

The hardest part is to boost yourself to write after ten hours of backbreaking work. My work is not just a typical office work. Half of the time I walk outside to inspect the construction site. Then, based on my inspection, I have to go back to the office for the documentation of that report. It is no joke to walk all day to go back-and-forth from hot and humid site to fully-centralized air-conditioned office. Many times I got sick with this kind of work.

I conclude, I don’t have enough creative juice after work. So I wake up at three in the morning. I write at least 500 words. Then I take my only rest day in a week as an opportunity to write again. There’s always a time constraint.

The challenge of the writing is fun and exciting. I could argue, though that most of the times I doubt myself. Good thing I read that even the most known authors have self-doubts. It makes me feel normal.

Fear is always there. We should acknowledge fear. But, we should not give fear too much power.

I said it before, writing helps me build perspective in life. It also eases my pain as my outlet.

Now, I’m here in the Philippines. The new obstacle is the lack of obstacle.

Hopefully, all of us are guided by passions rooted in values. Have the passion for writing. Value the principle of consistency.

Consistency is better than cleverness.



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