Seven Years Passed, Earned Less Than $100, Why I’m Still Writing?

In my first blog post, I wrote I first met my mentor Jomar Hilario. I read in the newsletter of Brother Bo Sanchez about internet marketing workshop.

I can say Brother Bo is arguably the most famous Catholic lay preacher in the Philippines. He is also well-known in many parts of the world. Most likely the one reading this blog post already knew him. If not, then type his name in Google search engine. You’ll find for yourself how he already conquered the cyberspace. All these to spread the message of the love of God.

When I was still in college, I first accidentally watched him preached on television. From then on, as many others, I never stop following him.

In the third quarter of the year 2009, I read Brother Bo wrote a blog post introducing Jomar teaching internet marketing, I get excited and afraid. It is timely as I’m looking for other means of income. But, I have no idea about internet marketing.

Also during this time, I’m already teaching engineering subjects as a part-time instructor in a university. Knowing how shy am I, this is unthinkable to some of my friends. Besides the fact, I’m an average college graduate.

Back to the story, I managed to find the right amount of money to attend the workshop. I can’t remember how I got enough money. I know I almost don’t have any money in my pocket.

After attending the workshop and meeting Jomar in person for the first time, I never stop following Jomar. Same as what I did with Brother Bo.

He suddenly became my internet marketing mentor. Later on, also a mentor in the world of online work.


Photo Credit: Ranjith kumar via 500px cc

What I Did After Jomar’s Workshop

If you could meet me in person in the year 2009, I bet my life you wouldn’t even remember. I was an extremely timid and socially awkward person. Still, up to now, I still have these tendencies.

I created my first ever blog and don’t put my name on it. I don’t want any of my family, relatives, friends and acquaintances learn I did something I’m not known for. I need to protect my fragile ego. I can’t handle any kind of criticisms. Even a smirk from a stranger would frighten me.

Jomar told us, his students in the workshop, to create lots of blogs and put Google AdSense, that is one of the lessons. I also learned the email marketing and getting lists, which is still one of the most critical parts of internet marketing until now.

I already created more than 100 blogs mostly with just one blog post. In order to get money from Google AdSense, I should at least reach $100. Until now, I haven’t reached the requirement.

I Attended More and More of Jomar’s Seminars and Workshops

After my first encounter with my mentor, I continued on attending more of his seminars and workshops. Jomar realized many people including me are not ready for internet marketing. Later on, he conducted “Virtual Assistant Seminars” both online and offline.

I attended at least three of his “Virtual Assistant Seminars” including other seminars for advanced students. I even volunteered to assist him in many of his events. I also bought his online versions of his events.

For those who attended and/or downloaded the “Virtual Assistant Seminar,” there’s an assignment to make a blog with tutorials. We need to embed a PowerPoint presentation in each blog post. Make at least ten tutorials with at least 100 slides. I finished the assignments twice!

After more than 2,000 PowerPoint slides, I got two writing gigs. Yehey!

My first client is a Filipino. She asked me to create a blog for her business. Due to laziness and bad attitude, our working relationships ends quickly. I pretend I know things even if I don’t. I was also hard to get in touch, my client emailing me, but I don’t reply. I think I get paid only once. I can’t even remember how much, I just know it is low as I’m just starting. Well, why bother paying me again?

This is the great famine in the Filipino freelancing world. Many Filipino freelancers lack self-esteem. They don’t ask questions if they don’t know the work. They suddenly disappear.

In my case, I don’t disappear in an instant. But, I need to fix myself. I need to gain more self-confidence. Maybe, a massive amount of self-confidence. But, there’s more important than self-confidence. I’ll tell you later.

I got my second writing gig. He is a foreign client. I couldn’t remember his nationality. My first (also the last as of this writing) writing gig in oDesk (now Upwork), a freelancing platform.

I make guides for software, almost the same as I did with my 2,000+ PowerPoint slides. After I got paid for the first time in oDesk, I was so happy I make a screenshot of it. I told myself I can use this image in the future.

Check out below and get amazed on how much I earned.


After that, I didn’t get paid again. It was project-based, after finishing the job, that’s it. From then on I didn’t get any online job. Ever.

I have also already taken 39 online exams inside oDesk, six of them have failed scores.

The year was 2012.

When Writing Is All That’s Left

I’d experienced sufferings in silence. From the story, you might imagine how secretive I was. No one even knows how much I failed just to get an online job.

I still keep on looking for an online job. I found another one, but this time the client asked me to write a sample article. After I submitted the article, all I got was nasty comments on how horrible my writings were. I’m not sure if I was scammed or given authentic pieces of advice. He criticized every paragraph of my writings.

The year was 2013. I already concluded online job, much more internet marketing is not for me. I just focus on my normal work.  Go back to the comfortable life. Mediocre, but at least less painful.

When I thought I’m done with pursuing an online work, I then discovered Jeff Goins in one of his Facebook Ads. I read his blog and got amazed of his writings. His strategy in getting readers is counter-intuitive. He said I should write just for the love of writing. Though there are lots more steps to do afterward.

Jeff influenced most of my blog posts. I can say he influenced my writing itself. He also created a community to challenge his followers to write 500 words a day for 31 consecutive days. I succeeded in writing for 31 days without a miss. I continue with the challenge. Now I’m on my 67th day. From day 32 up to now, there are two days of missed writing. I also got four consecutive days of missing my target of 500 words.

All that’s left of me now is writing. No earnings. Almost no readers. And I still loved what I did. I’m not disillusioned or in denial.

Yes, I’m frustrated I didn’t get any external results. I don’t have much to show to my family and my friends. For me, if there’s even just one person who could resonate with my story, then I’m satisfied enough.

More Important Than Self-Confidence

In the early years of my life, I thought I don’t amount to anything. Why I’m alive in the first place? I don’t have self-confidence and the backbone to pursue what I want in my life.

I have another confession to make. Until now, I struggle with self-confidence. The only difference now is I don’t take this too much of a big deal. Self-confidence is important. From my life experience, I know courage is more important.

Courage is not the absence of fear. I know I should continue on doing things afraid. I will not rely much on self-confidence. The habit of courage is what matter more.

My weekly blog post is my habit of courage. You should find your habit of courage. Don’t ask permission from someone. Most probably, you already know what to do.


Photo Credit: Happy Tripping via 500px cc

Failure is Part of the Game

I’m a Registered Electrical Engineer. I passed my licensure exam in the year 2008. My course has nothing to do with writing a blog. I didn’t join any writing organizations during my school days. I’m not a naturally gifted writer. I got lots of frustrations. I failed, most of the time, even before I start.

I got one more thing to clarify. I failed in earning through internet marketing and finding a sustainable online work because of my lack of commitment and wrong mindsets. I take full responsibility for my failures. My mentor, Jomar Hilario has nothing to do with my failures. He is one the most respected internet marketers. I couldn’t suggest him high enough.

Many of us, including me, put a lot of effort to avoid failures. In traditional schools and workplaces, failure is not an option. No wonder many of us avoid them at all cost.In social media, we show our lives as if everything is fine. If not, we rant as if the people around us and the government caused our messed-up lives.

My goal is not to fail. But, to succeed in pursuing our heart’s desires, failure is part of the plan. Because of our failures, we learn and unlearn new things. We learned to trust the process. Increase our faith. Be more compassionate. Be more loving. Be more human.

Yes, to fail is human. We are not the failures, we just failed.

Failure is not an option, it is compulsory. That’s how life works. We live in a broken world. Full of failures, yet full of hope. Imperfect, yet wonderful.

So, what do you think? Share your thoughts and let me learn from you. From your successes. Even from your failures. You can leave a comment.


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