How A Guy Who Can’t Move Anything but His Face Slapped Me In My Face?

Yesterday, I was not able to write any to prepare a blog post this one whole week. Yes, one week’s passed and I got nothing to show you. Only today, ten in the morning I started to write.

This is my 36th blog posts. Not impressive for a two-year-old blog. If I just post every week from the birth of this blog, I already posted more than a hundred. But, the point is not how many words I already crafted.

The question is “am I able to help even just one reader with this blog?”

“In what way?” and “how could I help if I don’t?”

As of now, I only knew ONE I’m sure I already helped a lot. Myself.

Writing is my way of expressing myself in a way I can’t in a personal conversation.

I already said all my struggles as a writer. Even calling myself a writer is a struggle. I felt I’m just fooling myself.

Before, I’m typing in my old Samsung Galaxy Young. It has small screen enough for my small fingers. It is old, though the model has the word “Young.” After months of working abroad, at last, I was able to buy my own laptop. This thing I’m using now to blog is the most expensive tangible things I bought for myself. The most expensive are the seminars and online courses I took to improve my craft.

Many times I believe writing is an art. The danger in this belief is my prone to romanticizing writing too much. Writing is more of craft. And to improve any kind of craft, it takes a habit.

This week I planned on reading more instead of just writing. I have to improve and do something different. At least in this state of my maturity and courage.

Distractions and inconsistency are my internal demons. My personal quote came from St.Pare Pio, “pray, hope and don’t worry.” I even write in my short bio for my personal Facebook account: “Worry about nothing. Pray about everything. But, do something.”

Yet, I’m dead worried now about my career and future. Inconsistent in prayers. And compelled to do nothing.


Photo Credit: Adam Rozanski via 500px cc

Jon Morrow Slapped Me In My Face

If you want to know the unique story of a former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). On what life in Saudi Arabia is about. Also, what it means to work abroad for the first time. Then you’re reading the right blog. You can check some of my blog posts. Or read my “About Me” page.

I’m writing and still continuing without significant earnings. This is frustrating yet challenging. Can you relate to me? Then read my blog and perhaps give me some comments and suggestions.

I can’t imagine enough how many writing and blogging tips lingers the cyberspace. There is enough information already for anyone to become successful.

Even for a disabled person. How disabled?

Well, he couldn’t move anything but his face? And he is a successful writer helping other writers. How about that?

After I read Jon Morrow’s story, I felt he slapped me hard in my face.


Photo Credit: maxime dordoigne via 500px cc

ONE BIG HELP I Can Give, Not From Me

If there’s ONE BIG HELP this blog post hopefully can give you, I hope is this. Click here and read Jon’s story with valuable lessons.

I’m not selling you anything. Only a story of an incredible guy who’ve done it all despite all the odds.

After reading, if you’re like me, you would feel in your guts an awkward feeling.

You might ask questions.

“If he did, why couldn’t I”

Then realizations of how superficial our problems is. We always came up with excuses instead of solutions.

So if you’re pursuing your dream of writing, we can ask ourselves.

“Why am I doing this in the first place?”

Maybe, I need to rethink my answers. So are you?


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